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Sustainable dinnerware: Live sustainably, One plate at a time

January 23, 2023 2 min read

Our daily choices impact the planet. Everything we do and use adds to the world’s ecological overshoot—the point at which human resource consumption exceeds the Earth’s ability to regenerate those resources.

We deplete resources 5x faster than they can be replenished. 

For kitchen needs alone, most people destroy forests, mine mineral deposits, and waste energy on tableware that won't even last a year.

It’s never too late to become more conscious of our actions and purchasing decisions. Ditch those disposables and switch to sustainable dinnerware. Here’s how Bosnal can help.

But first, what makes dinnerware eco-friendly?

Sustainable dinnerware is made from high-quality materials that don’t harm the planet and can easily be reused, recycled, or composted

However, not all “eco-friendly plates” in the market are safe for the environment. To avoid being greenwashed, ask yourself the following questions as any informed consumer would:

  • What are the raw materials used in the production?
  • How do they affect the environment?
  • How much energy does the production process require?
  • How long do these materials last?
  • How easy are they to clean and reuse?

    At Bosnal, we use the fallen leaves of Areca Palm trees. Thus, we don't cut down trees to create our compostable plates, bowls, and wooden cutlery. We don’t heat and mold plastics or turn clay into ceramic, so it’s also much more energy-efficient than other petroleum-based practices.

    Another benefit of Areca Palm leaves is longevity. Our products can be reused for everyday meals without breaking and may even last for years with proper care. 

    Bosnal’s eco-friendly kitchenware is USDA-approved and BPA-free, with no additives, dyes, or waxes. They help enrich the soil and promote plant growth by decomposing naturally at the end of their useful life rather than ending up in landfills.

    Exploring Bosnal’s eco-friendly dinnerware sets

    Our sustainable dinnerware is designed with convenience and elegance in mind. They’re perfect for everyday use or special occasions—adding a distinct natural touch to your table settings.

    Palm Leaf Compostable Plates

    Made from fallen palm leaves, these stylish plates provide a sturdy and supportive base for all types of food. Plus, they're easy to clean up and compostable, making them a great alternative to disposable paper and plastic plates. Available in round, oval, square, and compartment plates of various sizes.

    Palm Leaf Ethical Bowls

    Elevate your kitchen tableware with Bosnal's bowl sets. With their microwaveable, and soak-proof properties, you can use them to serve your signature appetizers, soups, salads, and desserts. These soup bowls come in square and round shapes.

    Wooden Disposable Cutlery Set

    Bosnal's Wooden Disposable Cutlery Sets are a guilt-free way to enjoy all your favorite foods on the go without worrying about bending or breaking. With 6.5-inch knives (25 pcs), spoons (25 pcs), and forks (50 pcs), you'll have everything you need to enjoy a great meal.

    Help make the world a little bit greener. Shop our sustainable dinnerware collection here.

    Make the sustainable switch with Bosnal

    Bosnal is committed to supporting eco advocates around the world. We’re a family-owned business that believes in protecting the planet through sustainable production practices. For any further questions, feel free to visit our FAQs or contact us today.



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