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Save Earth with Bosnal

January 17, 2023 4 min read

 The usage of palm leaf plates reducing the pollution in the ocean

Recently the care for the environment among the general mass has increased to a great extent. Each day, new information is coming, offering a strong light on the amount of waste that we produce and how much of that includes a hefty percentage of plastic products. The information also includes how this waste product affects the environment.

As the data shows, every single day, 4.5 pounds of garbage is produced by average human beings. Because of this increasing quantity of the waste amount produced by us, getting rid of it is gradually becoming harder. This is the reason the waste products are now found on the ocean's ecosystems (because of heavy dumping of the waste products there). These are the areas underwater where waste products shouldn’t be. Different species of animals fall prey to heavy contamination every day, and there is no sign of its slowing down of such poisonous contamination.

Complications of using plastic and dumping them in the water channels

This is a complication that is on the rise day by day. Thankfully there are options where individuals can make use of alternative products instead of plastic. Be it the mugs or the bottles or the tableware and cutlery items; there are 100% biodegradable alternatives for every one of them. It should be kept in mind that the plastic products or the ones made with natural sources, every one of them will end up into the ocean only considering the current situation. So, it is always better to pick up the ones that will not affect the ocean or the land beneath it. This way, the mother earth's internal damage can be slowed down and even stopped to a great extent.


Helping the Environment

As a person is using the biodegradable cutlery items, he or she is helping the environment. Use of bamboo or palm leaves can be the best option in such cases. The biodegradable nature of these bio plates perfectly syncs with the environment as they mix up with the land within 90 days only. It is essential to mention here that the manufacturing of these palm leaf plates also creates zero pollution as these leaves are collected after the fall off from the trees. So, in the process, no Palm trees are cut.

Fit For Every Occasion

No matter whatever the occasions are, the palm leaves can be used without any worry. Office get-together, birthday parties or any other events, they suit perfectly. They are the perfect alternatives to those plastic and foam plates and tableware items that almost take 99 years to biodegrade properly. No extra cost is required for such use as these plates. On the other hand, they are exceptionally durable and strong. For starting a conversation, the palm leaf made cutlery items look great. Just like the ceramic dinner plates, they are quite durable. So, one doesn't have to be worried about them falling apart at the time of using, and they will not have to be concerned about carrying them as well because of lightweight. Available in different shapes and sizes with fine quality, the palm leaf products are simply perfect for large scale use.


Great Ocean Saver

Keeping the ocean clean is a fundamental matter. Almost 60% of the waste products that are found under the ocean are related to food items one way or the other. Therefore, using Palm leaves will at least reduce 60% of ocean waste as they will degrade quite fast under the ocean without polluting the environment this is where Palm leaf plates create a difference.

Take Part in the Venture

So, the next time you think about doing something for or the environment using these biodegradable Palm leaf plates can be the best way to show your concern.

As the palm leaf plates can be of any shape, round, hexagonal, square air or anything else and can be turned into bowl shapes as well, for any kind of event including the weddings, parties, family reunions, or celebrations they can be the best choice. Here we offer a very sharp detail of palm leaf usage.

  • The disposable plates made from palm leaf has a very renewable source.
  • No process of deforestation is required for making these Palm leaf plates.
  • No glazing or glue is used in this Palm leaf plates. Therefore, as one can be sure that they are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable the disposable Palm leaf plates along with their soft colours make them specials at the celebrations.
  • The plates are quite affordable if compared with the other disposable plates.
  • The plates are stronger and safer.

Therefore, using the palm leaf plates is undoubtedly a much environment-friendly and sensible approach to stop Ocean pollution almost directly. Each person using these plates becomes a part of the mission, trying to de-escalate the amount of pollution taking place underwater.

Where can you find these Biodegradable Palm Leaf Plates?

Bosnal happens to be one of the most notable sellers of palm leaf dinnerware items. The company strived to find an alternative to the plastic and foam-based plates. Krishna, the founder of the company, had settled for the palm leaf after checking the other products known to be biodegradable. Palm leaf creates no pollution both in the process of making and usage. Thus started the journey of Bosnal with palm leaf items. The items are made with a lot of dedication, with multiple washing processes. The result is fabulous.

The palm leaf products of Bosnal are presently available in the eCommerce sites. They have received a massive response since inception. In fact, the company has reached such a height that it currently makes the reduction of the paper and foam plate disposal by 1.2 to 1.5 million tones every three months. They are the very examples of how a change can be brought, much sought after change.

Bosnal is not alone in this mission. Millions of people who are using these palm leaf plates are lending their shoulders to decrease the ocean pollution level to a great extent. This is the journey into a cleaner and better earth that we are all moving into.

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