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Bosnal Journey

February 03, 2023 6 min read


Going back to the roots

With each passing day, we grow further from the concept of preserving an ecosystem that is friendly for all the organisms that now occupy the globe. Only a small number of people have made it their personal mission to serve as a model for the rest of humanity to follow, Even though the vast majority of us are either ignorant or willfully indifferent to the negative and nearly irreversible changes taking place in our immediate environment.

One man who meets this description is Krishna, who established Bosnal.

The question was raised by Krishna's elder son while he was assisting his father in cleaning up all the disposable dishes after a party. "Where is all of this going?" Krishna elaborated that first they were going to a trash can, but soon they would be heading to a dumpster and then a landfill. "After it's been thrown away in the landfill, what happens to it?" The follow-up question from his son evoked detail thought process about the wider picture and spark the thought of a possible metamorphosis within him.

Bosnal is born, a retrospective look at the event.

Following the chat that Krishna had with his son, sometime had gone, and by that point, he wasn’t really serious enough to explore the issue. Then, over another dinner party at his friend's house, the recurrence of similar questions from his kids that provided him with the motivation to make a decisive choice on the implementation of the plan.

Evolution of Bosnal

 "Why not use a new disposable plate itself?" Krishna asked, with a trace of confusion in his voice. His buddy reacted with his own concern, saying, "Do you know what happens to all of these disposable plates?" How long do they take to degrade in the environment on their own?

This was enough to convince Krishna that these are extremely harmful, not just to the soil but also to the water, depending on where they are eventually placed. Since he considered Earth to be his home, he began to feel a growing sense of responsibility toward it, and as a result, he founded Bosnal, an eco-friendly company.

Bosnal is much more than just a commercial hub. Fallen Palm leaf is used in the production of dinnerware by Bosnal. Before selecting on this one, the company's founder, deliberated over a few other choices.  He desired an idea that was superior to using paper plates because, by its very nature, the usage of paper plates contributed to the loss of trees. Drawing on recollections from his youth, when they would make plates out of pattal leaves, he reasoned that naturally existing fallen palm leaves would make an appropriate alternative and would allow him to fulfil the task. This technique has been used for centuries in rural areas of many different countries all over the world, and it has proven to be both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This business model is different from the norm, in that profit is not the primary motivation. This group's primary goal is to promote the value of preserving the natural environment. The founder's last name and their child's names were combined to form the business's name. This further exemplifies the founder's worldview, in which he considered everyone on Earth to be a part of his own family and the planet itself to be his home. Krishna envisions that in the years to come, youth and people from different age range would be familiar and adopt and work towards save soil, save water, save planet for an enhanced future for next generations.

Dissecting Bosnal's inner workings

The operation starts in more remote regions, when residents collect the palm leaves that have fallen on the ground. Following delivery, these go through a high-pressure cleaning process with clean water before being laid out to dry at the manufacturing facilities. Heat pressures used to bend the leaves into desirable plate size and shape. As of this point forward, the palm leaf plates, bowls are dispatched to have superfluous parts chopped off them to make them appear more appealing and presentable. The final step in the production process involves passing all the tableware through a UV light process, which sterilizes it. This is followed by batch packaging to the buyer's specifications and subsequent shipment to Bosnal. Chemicals are not used at any point in the making of these dinnerware sets.



Resulting from Bosnal's Impact

The number of paper and foam plates thrown out at Bosnal has decreased by between 1.2 and 1.5 million tons per three months within the first two years of the company's existence. Without a shadow of a doubt, this is assisting in reversing some of the long-term harm done to marine ecosystems.

When the plates are buried in the ground, they completely compost within 45-60 days. The plants receive additional nutrition because of this. Bosnal introduced a stage for human  usage in the life cycle of these palm leaves, without any adulteration whatsoever as normally also the fallen leaves would have disintegrated and become part of the soil around them. Bosnal was able to accomplish this  by establishing a stage in the life cycle of these palm leaves that featured a stage for human utilization.

In addition, Bosnal was instrumental in the formation of sustainable livelihoods for many rural residents by offering them the opportunity to make a living while simultaneously making a contribution to a meaningful undertaking. This helps to minimize the migration from rural areas to urban areas, the key reason for which is to discover better chances to generate more jobs in the city.

It's up to you to make the world a better place by being the shift you want to see.

Krishna encourages others to adopt to the usage of Bosnal tableware rather than the disposable equivalent. His sizable family rallies around him and his environmental activism, and they exclusively use eco-friendly products during family gatherings.

At his house, the palm leaf plates are a popular topic of conversation during social gatherings, with adults debating the importance of environmental consciousness and children arguing over whose leaf plates are more attractive. In order to show everyone around him how easy it is to take care of our environment, Krishna has given himself this simple goal. Krishna is quite appreciative of the enthusiasm with which today's youth have embraced his cause.

The minds of children are the most impressionable and receptive. Early on, parents may help their children grow into well-rounded, responsible adults by setting a good example for them. Furthermore, this will help the children of those people. Since we were fortunate enough to grow up in a safe and secure community, it is our moral obligation to ensure that future generations enjoy the same advantages. The founder has repeatedly stressed the importance of caring for the state of the Earth because we only get one. We need to take care of it and think about how our actions will play out over the long haul.

Substitute your current dishware with some Bosnal palm leaf plates for a simple first step in the right direction. You and the planet will reap the rewards.


The benefits of using biodegradable disposable plates

You might be wondering what the benefits are of utilizing disposable cutlery and plates made from biodegradable materials. Just how much of an impact are you making on the planet when you use eco-friendly flatware in lieu of plastic or paper disposables?

And you know what, if anything?

Since sustainable products are biodegradable and don't release toxic chemicals into the environment, their use poses no health risks to humans or animals. Using items that break down naturally is beneficial for several reasons. Instead, they provide the soil with nutrients as they decompose. Also, composting is made much simpler using biodegradable tableware. Bosnal plates are useful for a variety of reasons, but foremost among them is their indestructibility and ability to efficiently heat meals in the microwave. When heated, unlike disposable plastic containers, no hazardous chemicals are released into the food. Bosnal tableware is non-toxic and safe for all living beings and Mother Earth.

Exactly what benefits does selecting Bosnal provide?

The Areca Palm tree's fallen leaves are used in the production of our products. All products have been approved by the USDA, and they are BPA-free. Our products are made to be readily disassembled and disposed in compost bins. Bosnal's wares look and feel authentic, with a plush finish.

Our mission is to enhance your quality of life while minimizing negative impacts on society and the environment. Our wares can withstand being submerged in water, are completely non-toxic, and can be used for both hot and cold food. To that end, we work hard to ensure that the items we provide are second to none. Palm leaves that have naturally fallen to the ground can be used to help decrease waste, energy use, and emissions throughout the manufacturing process. Our future generations will be aided in their utilization of the world's natural resources.

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