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Bosnal Eco Friendly Wooden Cutlery Set with Spoons, Knives and Forks Pack of 100 (6.5 inch)

Environment-Friendly- You will be recognized as an environmentally friendly nature lover with your healthy wood cutlery on the go!
  • Environment-Friendly- You will be recognized as an environmentally friendly nature lover with your healthy wood cutlery on the go! You will be a perfect role model for the people in your surroundings because you chose a natural, environmental and compostable cutlery set.
  • Portable and Light Design - This set are portable and light in weight. Our 6.5-inch wooden cutlery set is easily carriable that will fit perfectly in your backpack, picnic basket, or in the compartment of your car.
  • Durability- Wooden is known for its strength, designed for the durability and wear and tear of everyday use. This cutlery set can be used just like any other set. It is perfectly designed to fulfill all your needs.
  • Set Includes- Our bosnal wooden cutlery set (6.5 inches) includes a total of 100 pieces of spoons, knives, and fork, out of which 25 pieces are of a spoon, knives each, and 50 pieces of the fork.
  • Functional & Well-Made- Our all-natural cutlery set is designed to consume various foods, including meats, salads, fruits, and desserts such as ice cream, cake, and much more. These knives will cut through meats such as burgers, chicken, and many more.

Bosnal brings to you Plates and Bowls made from Palm Leaf and is safe for the environment. These dinnerware products are made from the fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree and consume significantly less energy during their manufacturing process. These energy-efficient and green plates and bowls can be broken and tossed into the compost bin directly. This ensures that cleaning after a party becomes an easy and hassle-free task. Since these products are not damaging to the environment, they do not leave any toxic chemicals behind them. Their decorative design, along with their green nature, ensures their success at every party. The sturdiness of these products allows them to be used for serving foods of different varieties. This palm leaf dinnerware's unique look and stability make it a perfect alternative for camping, dinner plates, appetizers, parties, and much more.

Safe For Mother Nature

This is a USDA product made out of natural sources that do not take a toll on the environment. The fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree are collected and processed for making these plates and bowls. These leaves do not cause any damage to the environment because when they degrade, they release nutrients into the soil, which aids in its nourishment.

USDA Certificate Info: On behalf of the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) BioPreferred program, I am pleased to inform you that your application for using the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for Bosnal has been approved as of April 16, 2019. The test result for Bosnal indicates that its biobased content is 100%. According to your application 7298, you may now use the Label on the products within Bosnal.

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